The World Renowned DJ A.P.S. The 25 year old who travels around the world performing shows with top DJ's and producers. He has released 5 mainstream albums that have attracted global attention and has performed shows in India, UK, Australia, Germany, Paris, Switzerland and continues to DJ throughout North America to major cites as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Pittsburg, New York, Chicago, Detroit, and the list goes on. Ajay Paul Singh is located in Ontario Canada, born and raised in Brantford (1hr west of Toronto) where djing started at age 16 influenced from old school hip hop, dance, the 80's music, and his roots of Bhangra music of his East Indian (Punjabi) background. The audience took notice of his mixing composition of Indian music, no other DJ can capture the excitement completed with his skills as an MC. Music experts alike are all taken back with his ability to create ear candy with his detailed and strategic production.

The latest release "Canadain Desi" which ranked # 3 in Australia and dominated the record shops across North America. Now finishing up his new album releasing summer 2004, that will put fear to all so called DJ's and perpetrators, and it shows clearly on his first hot new single "I RUN THIS DOWN" A.P.S. is here to stay. Log onto: for the full story.











Sir Aah stands for Supreme Intelligent Rhythms Authorized As Hip-hop. I'm from NOVA and I'm repping VA, DC, and MD. My biggest influence in rap is Ice Cube. F*%k the fame, I live and die for this hip-hop sh#t, I even FAST for it. Holla at me online at AIM screename : Sir Aah, website: email:













Tax Free is a hip-hop crew repping the DC Trifecta... aka Middle East... aka MetroZone... Tax Free is also a crew/street team tryin to promote our music through any medium possible. The music part consists of MCs "Sir Aah", "Young MT", and heavyweight "Kashus Klay". The beatmaker/producers are Ay El Eye, Double O, and Special K. Tax Free like a hustler. Tax Free cuz we dont have an Uncle named Sam. Tax Free like a diplomat. Holla back!

AIM screename : Sir Aah, email: or contact #: 703.928.7512














Vani B has been writing, singing and producing music for the past six years. His music strives to find a balance between r&b, rock and soul while blending in rich instruments of Asian origin. Over top of this unique sound are soul-stirring Hindi & English vocals. The mix adds up to´┐Żoriginal music you can flow to.

Look out for the debut album SanSkrit Soul - releasing this winter. This is a sample medley of what's on the album. To find out more about Vani B please visit Email:















DJ ASP has been mixing music for over eight years. A Computer sound specialist, DJ ASP uses computing technology platforms, from sampling editors, tracking software to professional music production software.

DJ ASP is capable of mixing and producing many mainstream style of music from classical to latest Hip hop anthems.
A specialist in urban Asian music, DJ ASP is best known for mixing classical Bollywood music with Garage and Drum and Bass music. His experience spreads far as to mix Bhangra flava with hardcore Hip hop anthems.
DJ ASP is also a mic control specialist in which he writes and produces Rap style music. Most of DJ ASP's production work is based through his vocal talent where he produces his own style of work. DJ ASP has vocalised many of his mixes from Hip hop to Garage style music.
It is about time for DJ ASP to contribute his musical talent on a global scale so that his style of music is spread throughout the Asian urban music scene of today.

From: East London
Contact Number: 07932 046 538


















Name: Dj Xplizit
Music: Bhangra, Hip Hop, Garage, RnB

I mainly mix Bhangra Music. Doing Relicks featuring hip hop and garage. But I also Can Mix Hip Hop. I am an Underground Dj Hoping to get Mainstream in the near future. Please tell me what you think of the remix and email me or add me on Msn.

















Jatt Mix A-Lot is new in the game but his style and skills are captivating many audiences around the globe. A specialist in hip hop music, Jatt Mix A-Lot is best known for mixing anything and everything and giving it that hip hop vibe. Jatt Mix A-Lot is on the Blackout Entertainment label along with such artists as Dj Singhsasion, Dj Taj, Dj Pure Punjabi, and Dj Dhola. Watch out for their debut album dropping later this month.

e-mail: website:


















Jasdeep Singh, popularly known as DeepX, is a composer, singer and lyricist. He started his musical education with Ustad Noor Husain in India and later continued with Sir Patrick Marks after migrating to USA. Graduated in computer science, Jasdeep also have training in music recording and technology. In his small home studio, he is involved in making original Bhangra and Hindi music. His composition and arrangement for various stage performances were greatly appreciated by the audience. He's actively trying to produce his songs with various artists and wishes to compose and produce for established or upcoming bands/artists.

434 Goldenrod Circle
Verona, WI 53593
Ph: (608) 845-3604
















Strictly Desi Productions
A group of desi's from UK to Canada that have talent. Strictly Desi Productions (SDP) has maintained their name as the best underground punjabi group. The group consists of: DJ Xclusive, DJ A, Desi X-Plosion(DJ Nahal & DJ AKA), DJ M.S.S, DJ Sanz, DJ Stylz, DJ Lyric, DJ Upshot & many others. They been mixing & hitting up the desi scene for over 1 year & already with their first release, have been hitting up the desi underground. The featured artist on this album from SDP is DJ M.S.S and you can check out his website at

Strictly Desi Productions 


















Right now I am just having fun. I am 13 years old and been rapping for about a year. I got my name MT when I was 8 and I took the first and last letter out of my first name, ManeeT. This song doesn't really have a story behind it, I'm just spittin bars. My man Double 0 produced the beat for me. At first I didn't really know how to use it cause it changes up a lot, but I sat with it and came up with the lyrics and the hook and recorded it. Soon I hope to open up a personal website but for right now you can listen to my music at or email me at

shout outs to my cousins and all of Tax Free
~ MT


















ShArArTi Djz
"BuiLdiN dA BRiDge BetWeEn EaSt And WesT
ShArArTi Djz<>

~~Dj_KiD~~ ~~Dj_BaDmAsH~~ ~~Dj_NaShA~~




















Bio: 20 year old punjabi songwriter, singer, and music composer based in Washington DC, US. Currently working on his debut album, indeRoots. Also, looking for producers and record companies willing to collaborate and release the 10-15 track solo album. Check out the Gabru Shakeen Part II track on the new digitaldesi compilation cd.























DJ Guv D - DJ Guv D, interested, BIO: I'm an underground dj from the uk, i like to remix punjabi/english music wiv rap,rnb,hip-hop, i started dj'ing @ the age of 12. Contact info: 



















Jagmeet Singh "Jagga" was born in San Jose, California in 1984. This talented singer has been singing since the age of 12 and has a great voice. His Inspiration was derived from traditional singers such as Kuldip Manak and Jazzy Bains. He also respects the great work of Gurdas Mann. At the age of 13 he was blessed with the opportunity to sing in front of thousands and he did for Berkley Di Shann. And Lookout Jagga is on the upswing. Email:  
















Dj Nicku - a.k.a Iqbal Singh Sanghera
19 Year old Dj/Producer from Wolverhampton, Uk.
DJ Nicku was a guest DJ on the Adil Ray show on bbc radio: "Unsigned artist DJ Nicku proves his skills on the decks for the Friday Night Hot Mix... "  


















Desiness Productions established in 1994, a well known DJ Group in the Washington DC region. It consists of 9 members, including "DJ RICK" and DJ SENSATION". These two are widely known in the North America and parts of the Globe threw there xplosive albums, especially including the series of Xtreme Xtacy 1,2,3, Xclusively Bhangra 1,2, Desi Sensations 1, 2. They have done endless amount events and have worked with one of biggest names in the Desi Scene including Bally Sagoo, RDB, Jiten, Sandeep Kumar, and many more. Also To check out there album reviews visit or for more info logon to:





















Digital Desi
My name is Sureet Sandhu and I started Digital Desi Productions. I am trying to help new, up-and-coming Desi artists get a chance to make it into the spotlight and get some exposure in the Desi music scene. I put my recent remix album "Remastered" together as a promotional tool because I am also a striving artist\dj that would like to get exposure with my music. In addition, I play the tablas, dholki, and dhol on recording projects with local bands in the Washington D.C. area. Contact me at Website: Email:  













Name: Dj Desi PLaYa
Music: Bhangra, Rap, Garage














Name: Solace Nerwal
DJ Name: DJ ACE (might change it to DJ Solace)
Age: 16 yrs
Sex: Male
location: USA, Virginia, Annandale
Contact: MSN:




















Name: DJ Khaira
Music: Bhangra, Hip Hop, RnB, Hindi

DJ Khaira, 19, from Coventry England has gained publicity on the internet. The unsigned DJ started making remixes in 2002 and now has improved his skills in remixing and producing. He likes to experiment with different styles of music, mainly Bhangra, Hip Hop and R&B. He hopes to make it big in the Indian music industry one day. If you would like to contact DJ Khaira then email at












Mohinder Birk has been djing in Edmonton, AB for 8 years. I have done many shows through Western Canada. Apna Boyz production is one of the finest and well known djs in Alberta with other djs like Robby and Master. I am just working on my debut album which should be out this summer. Watch out for a dhol busting album of the year! It’s just the beginning.........


















ORIGINAL... That's one word that can describe Raz. As a songwriter that
produces his own music, Raz customizes all of his tracks for his own
voice and rhyme style. After recording a few songs, he gave them to
some local DJs who were quick to put them on their mixtapes as
exclusives. The response was tremendous, and Raz began to build a small
fan base locally. He has made several appearances on radio stations in
Washington D.C., and the ladies love him. With his first album
titled "By Myself", he plans to attack the mainstream charts as the
first Pakistani-American Rapper/Producer. He produced, wrote, and
recorded all the tracks in his own studio located in Maryland, and
hopes to release nationally on his label, Raz Records, Inc.










Dj Sinister has been remixing for the past 5 years. Since the age of 14 he has been remixing tracks and sending them out to his friends to listen. He strives to create that perfect clean and crisp mix every time he sits down to remix a song. He would get amazing feedback from freinds about his songs and would see how to make his mixes better and better. At first the remixes were just for him to play at his parties and such but now he feels its time to let his mixes into circulation.

Location- Montreal, Canada












MC soso a.k.a. Sanil has been MCing for the past two years, born in London and moved to the USA at the age of 14. Now at the age of 16 he brings a UK style flow to the bhangra scene. He said what inspired him to become a MC was a group called Swisha House. Before he started to MC he was DJing, he DJed the well known song, Texas Style Test Me Mix. With the mic in his hands he's guaranteed to please the crowd. MC soso has great taste in rhythms and beats and hopes that one day these talents will be admired all around the world especially his hometown in UK.If you would like to know more you can e-mail him at


















CHALIS CHOR: Straight "outta" NYC! Finally a Desi hip hop team representing "Da" street "flava?s". A little touch of Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, to Hip Hop, Reggae, and R&B. With "Notihn" but fire? Check out:















Name: Donny "KrAzY-D" Itty
Age: 21
Music: Hip Hop/R&B
Location: Houston, TX (durrrrty south)

What more can be said about this Houston-born 21 year old individual? Other then rapping ever since the age of 13, producing/mixing his own beats at his home studio KrAzY PrOdUcTioNs/Da Bomb Shelta Studios and writing/freestylin' his way through the music industry. Krazy-D has been trying to achieve just one goal. That one goal is to represent the Desi
Culture to the fullest. Donny "KrAzY-D" Itty has been in the game quite sometime; from making beats for other artists to guest featuring in many compilation albums hitting the Texas underground. Through his music he is known to express his uncut feelings about drama, happiness and the pain of life's obstacles. His raw emotion allows others to relate to what he is talking about. Being the person who is known as the "quiet" one....he aint so quiet afterall. His voice, will, strength, and determination will shake the Desi Hip Hop Culture scene forever.....

If you have any comments, suggestions and/or questions...
Contact: or
Website: KrAzY-D (