PAST ALBUMS [2003-2009]

RENEGADES III -- DESI HIP HOP REVOLUTION - DISK 1 // 2007 For Promotional Use Only

1) Something's Goin' On by Raja Wilco &

2) Too Strong by Raxstar

3) Break Lights by Sir Aah

4) Transformers by Tha Indianz

5) Where I'm From by Kaly

6) War Story by Cronus

7) Try To Take My by Raja Wilco feat. Swami Baracus & AG Dolla

8) Turn The Page by One Signata Nach

9) Renegades by RKZ

10) The Door by Kerfew

11) Unforgettable by SpenDoe

12) Disco by Ajaxxx

13) Paranoia Strikes Me by Dee Corter, BangGully & I

14) Sweat by Pakman feat. Pujrone 

15) Get Right by Aleezy

16) Stop 4 A Second by Loominus

17) Had Nothing by JD

18) Need Nothing by Cronus

19) Got That Flow by One Signata Nach

20) I'm A Dreamer by Kaly

21) How Could I Brag by Sir Aah

22) Slam by Tha Indianz feat. Kobra


*All tracks produced by Sureet Sandhu of Digital Desi Productions, except "Something's Goin' On" produced by Sureet & Sameer Agrawal, 'Too Strong" produced by Sureet and Sunit, "War Story"& "Need Nothing" produced by Sureet & Cronus, "Try to Take My" produced by Sureet & Harvir a.k.a. The Wizard, and "Turn the Page" & "Got That Flow" produced by Sureet & One Signata Nach.

RENEGADES III -- DESI HIP HOP REVOLUTION - DISK 2 // 2007 For Promotional Use Only

1) Something About These Women by Sir Aah feat. Raxstar

2) Mail Order Bride by Kerfew

3) Nach With It by One Signata Nach

4) She's Like The Wind by Kaly

5) Take You To The Islands by Sir Aah

6) Chase by Kerfew

7) Don't Pass Me By by Sir Aah

8) I Do by Cronus

9) 15 Minutes by Kaly

10) Party That We Rock by Sir Aah

11) Ehh Veh by Kaly ft. Nut

12) Life Is Real by Cronus

13) Get 'Em by Sir Aah

14) No Fear (Gabroo) [Gutter Freestyle Remix] by Sir Aah feat. Jagga

15) Get 'Em, Got 'Em by Sir Aah feat. Pacifik

16) Wake Me Up by Kaly feat. In the Poet

17) Desi Hip Hop by Pacifik feat. Sir Aah

18) Bass & Weed Skit by RKZ

19) 1212 by Tha Indianz feat. Crocket

20) I'm Sir Aah! by Sir Aah

21) Stand Strong Remix by Sir Aah feat. Raja Wilco


*All tracks produced by Sureet Sandhu of Digital Desi Productions, except 'Nach With It' produced by Sureet & One Signata Nach, "I Do" & "Life Is Real" produced by Sureet & Cronus.

RENEGADES II-- DESI HIP HOP CULTURE // 2006 For Promotional Use Only

1. The General - (Raja Wilco)

2. Javani (Promo) - (Sir Aah ft. Taz)

3. Smoke in the Air - (Kat Eyez)

4. Ah Yea - (Doni)

5. Keep it Undercover (Promo) - (Sunit ft. Raxstar) Websites: &

6. Be Easy (Koi Naa) - (Nivla ft. P.Oberoi)

7. Soundbwoy Murderers (Cipher Remix) - (Sir Aah & Kat Eyez & Nivla & Raja Wilco & Raxstar)

8. Lottery (Renegades Freestyle) - (Sir Aah)

9. Take You Out - (Raja Wilco ft. Ar/Sin & Nikhil)

10. Rollin - (Sir Aah ft. Ali Z)

11. Call Me - (Doni)

12. Inside your Mind - (Kat Eyez)

13. What you Wanna Do - (Raja Wilco ft. Sandeep)

14. Bust it Loose (Promo) � (Doni)

15. Burning - (Kat Eyez ft. Sir Aah)

16. Maharaja - (Raja Wilco)

17. Balla Bounce - (Doni ft. Sir Aah)

18. Westside - (Sir Aah ft. Ali Z)

19. Battling - (Kat Eyez)

20. Stand Strong - (Sir Aah)

21. Soundbwoy Murderers (Sunit Remix) - (Sir Aah & Raja Wilco & Raxstar)

RENEGADES -- DESI HIP HOP // 2004 For Promotional Use Only

1. Let’s Go – Sir Aah

2. Ride the RhythmRaz Records (Raz)

3. Dil Tera Mangdai Chalis Chor

4. Five-0Raz Records (Waji)

5. Cuz I’m Desi Krazy-D

6. VIP Sir Aah

7. Peelay PeelayChalis Chor

8. Consider This - Raz Records (Raz)

9. Every Beat of My Heart Krazy-D

10. Mind Over Matter Sir Aah

DIGITAL DESI -- REVOLUTION 2K4 -- Volume II// 2004 For Promotional Use Only

1. Rise Up (Sir Aah & Special K)

2. The Blow Out (Raz)

3. Give It (Raz)

4. Hai Hai (DJ ASP)

5. Gabrhu Shakeen (Desiness)

6. Ranjhana (Desiness)

7. Samne Chubara (DJ Nicku)

8. Rani Sundran [The Watcher 2K4 Mix] (DJ MSS)

9. Tin Cheejha [Remix] (Jatt Mix A Lot)

10. Freestyle (MC Soso)

11. Virsa Part 2 (DJ Sinister)

12. Gal Sunja [Remix] (DJ Sinister)

13. Cali Dhol Mix (Mohinder Birk)

14. Pyar Ho Giya (Mohinder Birk)

15. Darshan (Desi Playa)

16. Hey Jamalo (DJ Ace)

17. Smile (DJ Khaira)

18. Jatt Marda [Clapback Mix] (Digital Desi)


DIGITAL DESI -- REVOLUTION 2K4 -- Volume I// 2004 For Promotional Use Only

1. I Run This Down (DJ APS)

2. I Gets Busy (Sir Aah)

3. Let Me Know (Tax Free)

4. Baby I Know\Waiting\Sajana [medley] (Vani B)

5. Sone Yaar Da (DJ ASP)

6. Bheer Remix [Garage] (DJ XPLIZIT)

7. Ajaa Ni Ajaa (Jatt Mix A-Lot)

8. Gori Tere Nakhre Nain (Deep X)

9. Jawani (DJ M.S.S (Strictly Desi Productions))

10. The Grind (MT)

11. Never Ever (DJ Kid (ShArArTi Djz))

12. Gabroo Shakeen Part 2 (Inder)

13. Das Ja (DJ Guv D)

14. Punjab Di Shaan (Jagmeet Singh Jagga)

15. Cham Cham [Garage Mix] (DJ Nicku)

16. Daru (Desiness Productions)

17. Nachdi Part 2 [Supercat mix] (Digital Desi)

18. Outro


DIGITAL DESI -- REMASTERED // 2003 For Promotional Use Only

1. Hai Hai (2-step mix)

2. Pyar Di Nishani (DMX mix)

3. Jatt Marda (B-Boy mix)

4. Datt Khol Mittra (DRE vs. Neptunes mix)

5. Addictive (Bhangra mix)

6. Daru (Fabolous mix)

7. Nachdi (Busta vs. S. Paul mix)

8. Ashiqan De Kadi Zindagi (Bang-Bang mix)

9. Pehle (Magic Stick mix)

10. Nankana (Chill & Relax mix)

11. Charka (Club mix)

12. Jatti Mila Jatt Nu (Scratch mix)

13. Jatt Marda (Bass mix)

14. Snake (Dhol mix)

15. Jogi (Beenie Man vs. 50 Cent mix)